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Over an extended and intense period, the artist has established a collection for a country property on the slopes of Mt. Macedon. An elegant disavowal of the possibility to describe art, the European collector writes of the work:

"Should we want to speak about meaning in Deirdre's work, and I suggest we'd rather SEE - silently listening, we could say:

The sculptures show Being not individuals - Being, a priori to language - individuals, defined in their major structure by language - a posteriori.

Therefore, as we cannot satisfactorily express Being in language - to some extent we could transpose aspects of it into poetry - we must allow Being to express itself in medative silence, and SEE in our capacity as fellow Beings.

This approach we wish to facilitate at Trevethan: let Deirdre's work appropriate the setting, inhabit it's space, transform, transcend it and allow the viewer to experience that. While works of art exist also in their material form, they happen and reveal their Being when the viewer shares it with them on a level of non-verbal immediacy. Words, sad and impoverished shadows of Being will not assist on this deep level of acquainting ourselves with Deirdre's work."

CJM Trevethan 2000